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The corrugated cardboard industry in Greece started about a century ago. Corrugated cardboard is a material that is inextricably linked to our everyday life.

The majority of goods are handled in a corrugated cardboard package, commonly known as a carton box. All companies pack their products in corrugated boxes so that they can be put on trucks and transported safely both in Greece and abroad.

Everything we order via e-shop is delivered to us in a corrugatd box. This box, depending on the purpose, can be brown, white, with one or several colours.

The purposes it fulfills are various, such as direct promotion and promotion of products by communicating the corporate identity of the content.

The industry, in particular through the use of more and more recycled paper, is serving sustainable development significantly.

This simple material that is everywhere, sometimes we do not pay any attention to it, but without it the whole supply chain would stop in a day.

During the pandemic period, the industry worked at a feverish pace to ensure that the pharmaceutical and food sectors continued to operate uninterrupted and all the necessary supplies were not missing from any home or structure.


The Corrugated Packaging Industry in Greece:

 ⦁ Approximately 665 million m2 per year

 ⦁ 14 companies, 18 factories

 ⦁ 3,000 employees


Did you know that:


🌳About 60% of corrugated packaging is used to protect food products and contributes to the reduction of their growth


🌳Compared to 15 years ago, an average box is 10% lighter and contains about 7% more recycled materials



Here you will find details on the technical details of the corrugated cardboard manufacturing process.

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