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Why join us ?

HPPA is a key contact for policy-related issues that are significant to the corrugated packaging industry at State and European level.

Our aim is to keep you updated on the latest developments in Greece as well as in Europe concerning the corrugated packaging industry, streamline industry processes, and represent the sector in order to achieve common goals of the members, contributing to the economic, social and ecological development of the country.

Government and market policies play a critical role in business success. By joining HPPA, as a regular or sympathizer member, you gain the influence to shape decisions. Additionally, you’ll have access to key features and information that provide added value, saving your company time and resources:

⦁ Industry research, data collection and reporting.

⦁ Information from HPPA and FEFCO members with expertise in the areas of science, public policy and government affairs, communications and industry statistics.

⦁ Events, networking and professional education opportunities.

⦁ Advocacy leadership on critical issues in both the legislative and policy arenas.

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