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Circular Economy

Corrugated packaging, by its very nature, is the perfect example of a circular economy because it is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and based on renewable resources.

Bio-based and renewable

Corrugated board packaging is made almost entirely from natural resources. Where new wood fibres are required, they are obtained from sustainably managed forests.

We are constantly increasing the use of recycled fibres, which make up 88% of the raw materials for corrugated board packaging.

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Easy to Recycle

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Prevents food Waste

The production process followed for corrugated packaging kills microbes, giving the packaging unique levels of hygiene that prevent contamination and spoilage of fresh products.

Buying recycled paper as a secondary raw material provides value throughout the supply chain.

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Eco-design Built in

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Adding Value after Use

Corrugated packaging is easy to formulate, making it cost effective in supply chain, storage handling and recycling in terms of saving time, energy and money while protecting the environment.

Recyclable, renewable and biodegradable, corrugated packaging is part of the circular economy by nature.

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The Real Circular Economy Champion

Πηγή : FEFCO

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